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Mentoring Programs for Working Professionals

Mentors Basket has a unique way of providing online courses. All our Courses are one to one and will be conducted on Google Meet. An integration of technology with the traditional approach of learning from a mentor face gives the student a confidence to excel and grow.

Making the transition from a relaxed, mostly informal college atmosphere, to a more serious and professional corporate world, can be difficult.

The reason is simple – We are unable to change certain fundamental perspectives and habits and do not adapt quickly to the new environments.

Aspects like a person’s dressing sense, his/ her style of communication and the very attitude to life are suddenly under the spotlight.
Our Courses focuses on the most critical qualities required in the corporate world like Grooming, Professional Etiquette’s, Interview Skills, Group Discussion, Management requirements and many more.
Our Programme aims to make the transition easy. It would be a definite boost to personal contribution and performance levels in the organisation.

Mentoring Programs

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