How often do you start a day with a set Goal in mind to complete a task, but get dragged into urgency of call, meeting, visitors, and mail? If the answer is very often? Don’t worry you are not the only one! Practise these 3 easy steps to solve this BUSY Syndrome

How often have you come across this Question? Many times, right! There may be many answers, however what we feel is that the right time to start thinking of your career choice would be from the 8th grade or even […]

We always hear the common term in the companies as Business Excellence, which is primarily achieved through performance of the company during the financial year, at stock exchange, among the comparative industries or may be globally. There are 2 major […]

We see a common trend today that we don’t want to read a book or we prefer to read limited to our interest area, we are vastly dependent on the knowledge that we have acquired over the period of time. […]

We speak always of gaining more knowledge either through reading books, magazines, following blogs and many more methods. Did you know? You can gain more knowledge by sharing it, yes you heard me right. The synergy that is developed through […]

Very often we hear the phase that I am too busy with so many activities and running about whether at home or at work. Over a period, we develop a habit of exaggerating small activity look big, for two main […]

How to add more power to your language one simple step add to your Vocabulary, this helps you in not just writing more powerful but also makes your communication more effective and help you say exactly what you mean. This […]

Companies today investing huge resources on training & development of their employees. But what is the result, are the employees retaining the information provided, are they using the knowledge gained or its just free luncheons with time away from work. […]

Today are we just motivated with only monthly salaries? No Right! We are more excited when we receive an award as the Best Team Leader, Team or Employee of the month. Even the companies are excited when they get best […]

Mentors are the ones who help you to be successful by guiding and building your life. Look out of these qualities in a person who can be your mentor. Who can help you keep your motivation high? Empower you? Nurture […]

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