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  1. There would be set timer for individual test. The flow chart displayed shows the time availability for each section. You Cannot preview the previous questions once you have clicked on the NEXT button.
  2. Please do not waste your time.
  3. If you are carrying a mobile phone kindly switch it off or keep on silent mode.
  4. You can monitor the timer duration as actual s throughout the test. Kindly ensure that you have completed the test within the duration. Once the timer is over the test would be considered completed.
  5. If you have completed all the question from the screen before time and wish to move forward with the test, you can do that, however you cannot return to the previous screen.
  6. The test needs to be completed in one take, there will be no break while the test is being conducted.
  8. For the Personality test kindly ensure that no questions are kept unanswered every question is crucial for the analysis.
  9. Once the career report is generated it would be mailed to you.
  10. For counselling session with the mentor, you have already chosen your suitable time. If there is a change in your availability kindly send a mail for reconfirmation of the new time slot.

Interest Test

Interest test is regarding your areas of interests in occupations and careers that you always wanted to know more, or you would be interested to pursue as career. This test enables you to know more for details in careers that you dreamt of ,your parents, friends or teachers have termed you to be good into or you have been outstanding and performing well in those areas.

Personality Profiling Test

It helps to understand 4 traits of your personality in terms of your inherent energy levels vs interactive or shy nature, your information processing using 5 senses vs future oriented approach with intuitive and creative ways ,you r logical or emotional preference in your decision making and whether you are planned or spontaneous in your lifestyle. All 4 traits need to be looked from perspective of what you think /feel for outer world and surroundings ( not the closed family environment)


  • Please tick the option on the actual current situation that you would do or react and not as per what you would prefer, or you consider ideal.
  • The student needs to click on (A or B). Both the option (A or B) cannot be ticked together; there is only one option per question.
  • Each option is your opinion, or an action and it should not be taken as right or wrong option.
  • If you feel that both options are appropriate, then ask yourself a Question. How do I react in the given situation in the social forum?
  • Please Ensure that no questions are kept unanswered every question is crucial for the analysis.

Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are used to determine an individual’s ability/potential to succeed in a certain task, with no prior knowledge or training. We conduct 6 different types of aptitude tests for an assessment on career choice. The test would vary based on the stream and the standard of the students. The description of the different test is as follows:

Verbal:  These tests usually involve grammar, verbal analogies (opposites), spelling, sentence completion and comprehension. To achieve this question focuses on the relationship between the words and the questions. They are phrased such that you need to know the precise meaning of the words given in order to select the correct answer.

Numerical: The question involves basic principal of arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. To score well in this question you need to make quick and accurate calculation. This type of test can be categorized as a speed test and is used to determine your basic numeracy. If you attempt to answer each question look at the range of answers available and ask yourself how accurate you estimated would be.

Reasoning:  Information is provided that requires you to interpret it and then apply the appropriate logic to answer the question. In other words, you need to work out how to get the answer rather than what calculation to apply. Critical reasoning question requires you to demonstrate your ability to make logical decisions and even to recognise that insufficient data has been provided for an answer to be reached, as it could be many real-life situations.

Spatial: This ability is required in technical and designed jobs where drawing and plans are used, architecture, surveying, engineering and design. It is also important in some branches of science and technology where three-dimension components are interacting. The questions are concerned only with your ability to mentally manipulate shapes not to identify Patterns and make logical deduction.

Mechanical: This test measures your knowledge of straightforward mechanical and physical concepts. They do not measure your underlying mechanical aptitude in the same way that abstract reasoning questions measure your underlying intellectual ability.

General Science: This section mainly measures your knowledge of chemistry and biology. This is more over to understand your base in science as intact. It also helpful to decide upon whether to choose a career in the science field. Even in science background you get to understand the sub areas where one can enter.

Visual Processing Ability:  (11th, 12 Arts)
Concentration test is used to select personnel who need to work through items of information in a systematic way while making very few mistake. This test helps to select the candidate who is able to process the information accurately and maintain their concentration even when certain parts of the job may be repetitive.

Data Interpretation: (11th, 12th Commerce)
The ability to interpret data presented in table, graph and charts is a common requirement for higher studies and job. If you are applying for a career which involves analysis of decision making based on numerical data then you can expect to answer data interpretation questions. These questions are primarily tested for interpretation and the maths needed is invariably straight forward.

Clerical Ability: (11th, 12th Commerce)
This test is widely used to judge the concentration level of the students. It is important, although difficult, to maintain your concentration during the test. The speed at which you can answer the question is the critical measure, as most people achieve a high level of score given unlimited time in which to answer.

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