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I remember my colleague named Rohit. He never missed a single deadline, always finished his work on time, and exactly knew what he is looking for. Even his interaction made us more productive. One day I question -Rohit, how do

What Kind of Decision Maker Are You? We are all experienced decision makers. We make hundreds of decisions a day, often without really thinking about it. But the decision-making process is complex, and many different factors influence the decisions we make.

Do you look-up to your inspirational heroes and wish to build those impressive qualities like them? This is because you like their individuality that makes one stand out. Character traits are the something that enables other people recognise you as

In day to day life mistakes can be anything right from dialling a wrong number by mistake, nudging someone by mistake, unintentionally mishandling a valuable article of someone else and so on. When you hurt someone and realise that someone

Knowledge empowers you. No other thing than knowledge does it better. The very fact that you sound confident and smart in your talks and lifestyle is because you own knowledge. Its powerful enough for One to make his living out

Activity trap is a management term, wherein the risk of becoming so busy that you tend to neglect or forget the purpose of your activity and why you undertook that activity.Do you find yourself trapped into too many activities at

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