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I remember my colleague named Rohit. He never missed a single deadline, always finished his work on time, and exactly knew what he is looking for. Even his interaction made us more productive. One day I question -Rohit, how do you manage the whole thing? He said- The skill which helped me is “organizing” To perform our tasks, we need to get organized. A well-organized person will always perform tasks in an organized way, irrespective of how many jobs one must perform.  Organizing is not a talent but it is a skill. A skill which anyone can learn. As per the studies conducted

Did you face failures, accidents, injures, or the death of loved ones? If your answer to this is yes, then you’re on the right page. Challenges in life are uncertain. Irrespective of the wealth or reputation we hold in society. Here are 7 ways to deal with life challenges and become a better person. 1. Face your fears. The underlying fear within us makes life’s situations difficult to manage. Identify and explain self what is your fear in that situation. 2. Stop overthinking. In stressful situations, it’s hard to stop overthinking. Write down the thoughts that are causing stress. Distract your mind by engaging in

Every child is unique in their abilities and learning styles, but how much time do we spend to understand their abilities? Today we are going to focus on the Multiple Intelligence's concepts and VAK learning styles models that offers relatively simple and comprehensible methods to understand and explain child’s preferred ways to learn and develop. We at Mentors Basket are trying to emphasize on the point that no single method can help you determine your ability and preferences but mix of styles and preferences can help you determine your Blind Spots. How can this interpretation help you?It helps you to understand

What Kind of Decision Maker Are You? We are all experienced decision makers. We make hundreds of decisions a day, often without really thinking about it. But the decision-making process is complex, and many different factors influence the decisions we make. Our family, our values and emotions, advertising, and societal pressure can all influence our choices.Another factor that can influence the way we make decisions is habit. We tend to make decisions in a certain way. It’s called our “decision-making style.” Take this questionnaire to discover your own decision-making style. (This questionnaire is an adaptation of the General Decision-Making Style questionnaire

Do you look-up to your inspirational heroes and wish to build those impressive qualities like them? This is because you like their individuality that makes one stand out. Character traits are the something that enables other people recognise you as what you are. It includes the adjectives that describe your personality. These character traits are what any individual is identified with. As per social psychology, people expect every individual to have their own identity, a good self-image. A good educational background and a job that will earn ample money are of prime importance here. In short, ideal people have all

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